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October 4 - 8, 2004
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We are producing the best photographic product we have ever delivered in over 25 years of my photographic career.  Our clients simply cannot believe the results we are delivering to them – they are “blown away” with our digitally created and finished product.  Our product today consists of simply the most superior, beautifully finished, longest lasting set of images of my career, and we are the most profitable we have ever been - the reason is Digital! 

David’s program will describe his digital techniques so you can produce your most exciting wedding and portrait work ever.  He will share his “Workflow” and “Salesflow” secrets with you and discuss why these proven ideas are simply the best for the Portrait and Wedding photographer working in the digital realm.  “We had “Christmas Rush 2003” under control and delivered by mid – December and finished our most successful year ever!”  Ziser makes it simple, easy to understand, and very profitable for your studio.  

David speaks to the “everyman” photographer out there.  He speaks passionately from the heart of his experience and the soul of his creativity in a manner that energizes his audiences to reach for the stars and set far higher new goals for themselves.

David's Totally New Digital Master Class
October 4 - 8, 2004 - Cincinnati, OH

David's master class always receives rave reviews. You will eat, sleep, and breathe Digital Photography for 4½ days - over 40 hours at David’s workshop. Here is the low down -

  • Image inspiring photography

  • Profit-building "Power Marketing & Selling"

  • Solutions orientated PhotoShop techniques

  • Beautiful Digital Output

This 40 hours plus educational experience is unlike any other digital workshop being offered anywhere. It is simply the best way to get up and running with Digital shooting, Power Marketing & Selling, PhotoShop production, and Gorgeous Digital Output  - and the cost is only $895!

Here are the program highlights:

Live digital location shooting - PhotoShop for photographers - Camera/Resolution considerations - Exposure control - RAW vs. JPEG - Lens selection - David’s sales preparation - Digital Output options - Color Management - Fine art wall décor - Image presentation - Digital workflow - Super Sales flow - Profit building - Image archiving -Print stability - And much more!

What else is included in the workshop?
• 40 hours of exciting information.
• All images David takes during his shooting sessions.
• Workbook outline of week’s class.
• All PhotoShop sample images formatted in easy to learn chapter presentation.
• Sales learning also formatted in easy to learn chapter presentation.
• Wine and cheese party at David’s studio Tuesday night.
• Dinner Thursday night on David as well.

In order to maximize the learning experience for all attendees, only the first 25 reservations will be accepted!

Call Susan today for your reservations 1-800-292-2994

Your investment is only $895.00 - Your results are unlimited !

VISA, MC, AMEX accepted

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